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Shark Wardrobe Malfunction – Silly Kids

Shark Wardrobe Malfunction: Nothing like taking the kids, the grown kids to Target. Of course, I can’t blame them, I didn’t want to be there and I am partly to blame. So here we are at Target and we are

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Kiki playing UNRAVEL / Girl Gamer so funny

Kiki playing UNRAVEL: It has been so much fun playing Unravel with my daughter. I personally have found it to be an interesting new way to spend time with kiki. Not only do we exercise our brain while we work

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Dad having fun with Kiki Girl Gaming Funny videos

Girl Gaming Funny videos: Who said parenting couldn’t be fun. I found a new way to spend time with my daughter. We laugh, we scream, we joke around and best of all we play video games. Yes we do. I

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Supernatural Money Tip by my Daughter

Supernatural Money Tip I know it sounds weird but it’s true. There I was and my daughter who is a huge fan of the popular cult show Supernatural is giving serious financial tips to her friend. I was mildly surprised.

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Shadowhunters Spoilers Alert: you have been warned

Shadowhunters Spoilers Alert, Turn away now if you have not seen the show or read the book series: City of Bones The mortal Instruments. Shadowhunters Spoilers Alert Nothing like the love of a good book series to spur a child’s

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