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Automated Money Machine – Free PDF

Automated Money Machine – How you can set it up. Automated Money Machine: How do you reduce stress? You reduce stress by setting up systems like automating your finances so that you can pay your bills on time, save money

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Supernatural Money Tip by my Daughter

Supernatural Money Tip I know it sounds weird but it’s true. There I was and my daughter who is a huge fan of the popular cult show Supernatural is giving serious financial tips to her friend. I was mildly surprised.

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Save $500 with Trick – Personal Finance / Self Help

Personal Finance / Self Help If you recall (that is if you read my blog regularly). I wrote a post awhile back about trying to save $500 dollars a month to reach a goal I had set forth. I have

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3 weird money making ways – Rule of Money is to make more

3 weird money making ways While most people focus on cutting corners – budget and cutting cost. Other people focus on just making money. We all know we are supposed to do both. This is why I spent some time

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Everyday Money Advice – I told you I wasn’t crazy

Everyday Money – Here I sit in my library (porch) surrounded by my extensive collection of books (two mid size bookshelves) as I write this blog post sipping on chardonnay (coffee). Oh boy do I have a tough one today.

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