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Technology Parenting Tip: Catch Suspicious Children

Technology Parenting Tip: Is your child doing something online you are suspicious about? Do they close the laptop or chrome book lid when you come by? Are they quickly pecking on the keyboard or turning the screen away from you?

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Pokémon GO Teachable Moment – Parenting tip is crazy

Pokémon Go teachable moment I know it sounds crazy and I know some of you have heard about it by now and have no clue what it really is. But any parent with children above the age of 17, are

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How to do Homework – Awkward

How to do Homework – Awkward Sometimes it’s a laugh a minute – How to do homework! I have written a lot about how I think (remember this – it’s my opinion and what I have done to help my

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Success and Happiness for my Children

For my children I would do anything – in fact, I have done anything and everything for them. I grew up without a father and my single mother sacrificed all she could to care for seven children, of which one

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How to be a father – the fear and the joy

Father, it’s something I never had growing up as a child. I spent a lot of time working on me, how to be a father, the best father I could be. And now I find myself at the other side

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