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Make money shopping – without spending more money

Make Money Shopping: My wife loves using this one app, but she drives me crazy at the same time. The basics of the money making opportunity is that you can make money or win rewards while shopping. The part I

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How to Stop Late Fees – stop losing money

How to stop late fees: There is nothing worse than throwing money away on late fees. And while I can understand and relate to why it happens – it has to stop. I am speaking from personal experience. It is

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Money Truth Professional advice that does not work

Money Truth: I read a lot of articles on a wide range of subjects but when it comes to money some of the professional advice I read is not based on the real word. Sure, some of it will work

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What to do with your dollar?

What to do with your dollar? What to do with a dollar? It’s a good question! As a parent who tries very hard to instill in my children the value of a dollar, I find myself facing similar questions from

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Family fun trip All you can eat @ Sea World?

Family fun trip at Sea World for me was more about the eating, the dining, the all I can drink because it felt like it was 100 degrees and man was I thirsty. Can I have another bottle of water

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