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Save $500 with Trick – Personal Finance / Self Help

Personal Finance / Self Help If you recall (that is if you read my blog regularly). I wrote a post awhile back about trying to save $500 dollars a month to reach a goal I had set forth. I have

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Hoping To Doing – Lifehack or Jack slacks & I’m Wack

Hoping To Doing – Lifehack or Jack slacks Hoping to doing – it’s a mantra we hear (in one form or another) referring to motivating people to get off their asses. Stop dreaming and start doing! Usually easier said than

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Choice – what do you do when all is lost?

Choice, it is all we have when you really think about it. A small boy decides whether he should end it all and to give up on hoping against all hope. The choice becomes crystal clear one dark painful night.

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Create child self-motivation & inspiration

Create child self-motivation and inspiration Three tips on “How to build child self-motivation and inspiration.” As a parent my sole desire is often times a selfish one, by this I mean the empowerment of my children. I want, as I

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