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Yuthink Vlog introduction – Let’s Talk about?

Yuthink Vlog introduction: Hello and welcome to my new Vlog. I know, I have the blog and here I am trying something new. Well there are a few reason why I am starting this new segment, Yuthink Vlog. And to

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Your life matters to me – is all I can say

Your Life Matters to Me: Yes it does. I work in the school system and I see all sorts of children. Some need more help than others but I try never to play favorites. I do my best to treat

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Free Shopping Cart – How to Sell online

Free Shopping Cart Who doesn’t like free and who doesn’t like making money? I do! I do! The reality is that free does not always mean good. Let’s face it, free often means cheap, barely good or a sales pitch.

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Hoping To Doing – Lifehack or Jack slacks & I’m Wack

Hoping To Doing – Lifehack or Jack slacks Hoping to doing – it’s a mantra we hear (in one form or another) referring to motivating people to get off their asses. Stop dreaming and start doing! Usually easier said than

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