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Is Stealing Good? How to become a Millionaire

My mother was shocked, heartbroken and disappointed – as well as conflicted. She was dismayed and hurt to find out that her sweet innocent little boy was stealing from her. The disappointment in her voice, in her face – “How

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Stealing is Good – How to Grow Rich / working on my Book

The funny thing is considering how poor we were I somehow believed my mother would not notice any of the coin missing from her purse. Whether she overlooked it, or did not noticed, I will never know. However after some

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Stealing is Good – Become wealthy – Working on my Book

Stealing is Good. Yes, that is correct; I said, “Stealing is Good”. In fact, you should steal as much as you can, as often as you can, on a regular basis. Oh! Just in case you did not know –

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Kiki playing UNRAVEL / Girl Gamer so funny

Kiki playing UNRAVEL: It has been so much fun playing Unravel with my daughter. I personally have found it to be an interesting new way to spend time with kiki. Not only do we exercise our brain while we work

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What am I doing wrong? Let me be honest. Is it ok if I am honest?

What am I doing wrong? Let me be honest. Is it OK if I am honest? I write this blog people come, leave and I never know (for the rare exception of a comment) who they are, why they stopped

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