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I have spent my life struggling to get ahead in life and it wasn’t until I had children that I realized that I was doing it all wrong. In learning this I devoted my life to trying to teach my children what they needed to know, to learn how to be successful and happy in life. Eventually I wrote a book to motivate children to do good well in school.

My first book is geared towards motivating children to do well in school, to seek knowledge, to love learning and to strive for academic success. Though I admit some do not like the title of my book. I intended it to be attention grabbing, to stimulate a child’s mind into thinking they can achieve great things – but some think I went too far. Trust me when I say the book is written with the sole purpose of motivating children to learn, to never give up, to try new things and to remind them that one failure is not the end all to all. They can achieve greatness.

The book title: for Children how to become Rich, Successful & Do Well in School

I also wrote another book for older children with the intent to teach them that success can be reached and you can be happy, fulfilled and satisfied with life – even when things do not go your way. Again, the goal of the book is to instill in the child or teen that through learning, hard work, trial and error (school, education and learning through all forms) will help you live a full happy life – it is all in the knowing, being and the doing.

This book I titled: the ABC’s of Success Know Be Do: How to achieve your goals, dreams and happiness

Both of these books are written to motivate children to learn. Not just through school (though it is important) but through the seeking of knowledge itself. Schools do their best to teach our children, but our children need more. They need to be guided, motivated to take extra steps such as seeking knowledge online, through mentorships, trying new things and learning from their peers and elders.

Success, whatever that means to you, can only be achieved by stretching our boundaries and learning as much as we can.

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