True Funny Life Moments

True Funny Life Moments # 1
I shared this funny life moment on twitter – I couldn’t help it. Didn’t know if I should laugh or cry?

True Funny Life Moments

True Funny Life Moments # 2

I love to joke around and as a result it has gotten me in trouble – but hey, I might as well enjoy life. Here is how I responded to an email a teacher sent me ( I am the tech guy at the school I work at).
Teacher email: Help, Blue Tooth giving me trouble – such a pain.
Tech response: Wow, I’ve heard of yellow teeth but a blue tooth, sounds painful.
Teacher replies: You’re so corny… LOL!! Now help me with my blue tooth!

True Funny Life Moments # 3

This one happened – I swear. I didn’t see it coming – probably have to be a man to consider this a funny life moment or just awkward moment in life.
True Funny Life Moments

True Funny Life Moments # 4

This is a true funny life moment and please – no one be offended. It happens to all of us.
This is how the story goes:

I was working for a cell phone company (shall not name) and a sweet blonde older woman walks in. She was excitedly flustered and greeted me with a desperate plea – “can you help me? You have to help me! I don’t know what’s wrong with my cell phone! It was working fine this morning but now it’s not working at all.” As I took the phone from her hand to inspect it – she embarrassingly explained how she did everything she could do to make it work… she put it to charge, she checked the battery, she made sure the phone wasn’t damaged, but it did not want to work. She just could not understand why it didn’t want to work. She proudly says “I consider myself very tech savvy – don’t let the blond hair fool you” and happily smiles at me.

After a minute of playing with it I put it in her hand and said – there you go it’s working. She gasp with elation and asked me how did I fix her phone? I quietly told her, as not to embarrass her in front of the other customers – “I turned it on”.
She was actually a nice person, she let out a huge laugh and said “I guess I am a Blond!”

True Funny Life Moments # 5

Oh this one is a cute funny life moment. I was playing hiding go seek with my son who was about 3 or 5 then and I lost him. Yes, I could not find him and then I heard a whimper. I of course went and got my video camera to make sure I cuaght this on video. It is so cute, but then again I am his dad and I think everything he did was cute. you have to watch this.


Happy, crazy loving father of two who believes the world is a bit off kilter. I spend a lot of time trying to teach my children to be better than me - I hope they appreciate it.

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