What am I doing wrong? Let me be honest. Is it ok if I am honest?

What am I doing wrong? Let me be honest. Is it OK if I am honest?

I write this blog people come, leave and I never know (for the rare exception of a comment) who they are, why they stopped by and if they care. To be honest it is starting to bother me. No, I am not complaining about you. You are here, reading my post.

What bothers me is the fact that I can’t make it work. I’ve been doing this for years. I am not going to say that I am awesome, follow me because the sun sets and rises on me. Nevertheless, after 10 plus years, I have 115 subscribers, mostly family, spammers and a few loyal subscribers. I hope you are one of them (of the loyal).

What am I doing Wrong

Look, I am not saying that all these years I spent writing in my blog I did it for the money. No. My first blog was a mess and I wrote exclusively about my family (kids). And I never went viral or tried to make money on my blog.

However, I did want people to like it. Why write if not to feel appreciated in one way another. Why share, if not to feel connected with others.
So seeing that I made what “Professional” bloggers would call a mess on my original blog. I created this one (currently reading), I purchased a domain, got the website – spent countless hours learning how to set it up. I even tried making money with it (since I pay good money for it – just to recoup cost).

Has it been a waste?

Now I find myself wondering like many others. Has it been a waste of time? Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate those who have read my blog, the few who have left comments. However – and I mean this in a good way. What am I doing wrong? Why after more than ten years am I still in the same place?

I know. Don’t feel bad millions of people never went viral or made it big with their blog, YouTube channel or whatever. I understand that. But I didn’t want to go viral. I wanted a small close following. People who connected with me. People who related and even if they only commented a few words – it would mean something.

Am I the only one?

Sometimes I find myself wondering, am I the only one? Sure, I am fooling myself into thinking I am the only one who tries to follow people and has genuine interest in the blogs, FB pages, twitter and so forth I follow. Nevertheless, I do feel that way.

In an age of social media where we can connect in a hundred million ways. Real connections, I feel, are few and sparse apart.

Maybe I am being petty or selfish. It could be I am not that good at writing a blog or I am not that interesting (a blog). No stretch of the imagination, that I lack the professionalism and business sense to run a successful blog. It could be. Yet, after 10 plus years of trying (even if piss poorly) you would think I would have a small segment of people who get my brand of silliness, parenting skills and awkwardness.

What do I want?

Sadly I am old enough now to remember the small beginnings of YouTube, Facebook, and blogs in general. I remember when computers first came out for home use. I would purchase the large PC Magazines and try to write code for my computer. There I was writing down five strings of code just to get my computer to make a ding sound.

Today I simply feel as if I missed out. No. More like squander opportunities I knew I should have followed up on. I remember when my Mom told me to stop playing with my computer that it was a fad. When my wife hated me writing personal things on my blog. When my wife also refused to have me share videos on YouTube.

Now here I am years later wondering how some teenage kid could have 10 million followers, subscribers and such, and making tens of thousands of dollars a month. While I struggle to get a few people to connect with me.

Is it me? What am I doing wrong?

It would be easy to blame social media. That people do not know how to connect. I watch my wife while she scrolls through her Facebook feed on her cellphone. Half if not more of the things she likes – she really doesn’t read (your secrets out – sorry honey). I love her and all but if you are going to like a post of mine. Why not read it first?

The professionals say that you have to find a niche. OK, Fine. I understand that. But give me a break, I tried to raise money for a mission trip to Peru. People were flooded out of cities, mudslides and more. When I reached out using my small connections on my blog, Facebook and Twitter. Can you imagine I received no interest?

I must really be bad at this or the internet is working against me. All I wanted to do was raise $2,000 dollars. All people had to do was buy themselves a gift and a portion of the money would go to help these poor people in Peru.

I received no feedback, not even a comment. Oh, I got a few hearts on Instagram from my paid advertising. A single like on Facebook, and no response on Twitter. It is not as if people are not using the internet successfully – so I have to believe I am doing something wrong. The question remains: What am I doing wrong?

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