Womens Brains Shrink – Study says yes, during Pregnancy.

Do Womens Brains Shrink During Pregnancy?
Womens Brain Shrink when they are Pregnant? This is not an insult and by all means this is not in any way shape or form a discussion on the intelligence or mental capacity of women. But this does explain a lot when it comes to my wife. (Just saying honey… smiles hoping for no backlash)

I am always looking for interesting information to put on our Fred Wild News YouTube channel (schools channel). It’s my way of peaking interesting in the students as well as keeping the teacher awake. Learning secretly disguised as fun facts. In one of my long searches I found something that shocked me but explains a lot (again – love you honey! He says hoping to still be happily married tomorrow).

First check out the video of our “Womens Brains Shrink” and read more scientific information (with links) to studies.

Womens Brains Shrink – Oh My!

Women Brain Shrink – Study

Change in brain size during and after pregnancy: study in healthy women and women with preeclampsia.
CONCLUSION: The brain decreases in size during pregnancy and increases in size after delivery. The changes follow a consistent time course in each woman. The mechanism and physiologic importance of these findings are speculative at the present time.

More Facts: Women shrinking Brain

The Incredible Shrinking Brain . . . Or, how I got pregnant and lost my mind by fit Pregnancy and Baby

Studies Chart Shrinkage Using magnetic resonance imaging, a team of British researchers led by London anesthesiologist Anita Holdcroft, M.D., recently scanned the brains of 10 pregnant women who were in their final two months of pregnancy and then again at two and six months postpartum. Holdcroft’s original objective was to look for swollen air passages and changes in brain size in pregnant women with preeclampsia.

Pregnancy Brain Is Real, but…

Pregnancy does not change a woman’s brain even though some women don’t feel as sharp as usual when they’re pregnant. Helen Christensen, PhD, of The Australian National University, says, “If you read pregnancy manuals and listen to pregnant mothers — yes, there is such a thing as pregnancy brain or momnesia. And there is also evidence from research showing deficits in memory.” Read More

This all may be due to a womans brain shrinking – who knows. All I know is that this does explain a lot of weird things about my wife during her pregnancy. (can’t go into details – you know, want to stay married…)

So in the end it is proven, the answer to the question: Do Womens Brains Shrink During Pregnancy? Is yes. Does it affect their mental capacity? No. Can it effect memory temporarily or something? Possibly. All I know is that it makes for an interesting topic.

Womens Brains Shrink


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