Zombie OutBreak Yuthink – I’m going to Die

Zombie OutBreak Yuthink – I went, I saw – Oh yeah, I conquered. It may have not been on the agenda for my mini-vacation but I just had to go kill some Zombies. I’m glad I did, it may have just saved my marriage (vacation).

budget vacation zombie outbreak yuthink

As I mention in my Budget Vacation post, things were not looking good. Sometimes people expect different things and while my goal was to give my family the best vacation I could. My money and wallet had some constraining limits. So I was thinking more of having fun rather than having luxury. So I like nice awesome looking hotels but a nice room is only fun for a short while. Now having 3 awesome water parks in the hotel, now that is my idea of fun.

Zombie OutBreak Yuthink is Scared

As I mentioned, I was there for the fun water slides and yes I went on every water slide I was not afraid of. Trust me, there were two I was not going on even if you paid me to. But my son went on with Wanda (daughter of a friend I brought with us) did and hey, I know he survived. But I am still not going on those two.

But I will admit this. I had no clue the Zombie OutBreak attraction was just next door to the hotel. Of course the minute we pull up to the hotel my wife screams “OMG! I can’t believe it! Look honey it’s the place I’ve wanted to go to.” She jumps out of the car and starts taking pictures yelling “We have to go! We have to go!” All I can think is – oh boy, how much is it?

Long story short I went online while the family enjoyed the hot tub and it cost $24.99 per person. I watched the video and you tell me – doesn’t it look cool?

Scared Yeah

As scared as I was, now I wanted to go and I wanted it to be a surprise. So every time my wife asked me I tried to play it off that we could not afford it. It was a pain to hear her complain but I am glad I did because she was ecstatic when after dinner I pulled up to Zombie OutBreak and asked everyone to get ready to kill some zombies.

zombie outbreak yuthink

Sadly enough as you can see from the picture my two children chickened out at the last minute. I wasn’t sure if I was disappointed they chose not to go or relieved after the bill, $77 dollars – that they decided to skip it.

zombie outbreak yuthink

Of course I am proud to announce that my code name was Alpha and I represented it well. Yeah, I killed 25 zombies. I was never bitten – Oh yeah! I also had a high ratio in overall percentile of the group. The wife had 7 kills and bitten 4 times. Wanda had 14 kills and 2 bites ( I rock!).
My wife had an awesome time and yes – I had to buy her the Zombie Outbreak T-shirt, because she had to take a picture to politely flaunt it on Facebook (sorry Rebecca).

Zombie Outbreak
Where: 7364 International Drive, Orlando
When: 2 to 10 p.m., Monday through Thursday; noon to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday
How much: Starts at $24.99.
Information: http://www.zombieoutbreak.co/florida or 407-745-4068

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